Flower Bowls

Perfect for us that can’t arrange fresh cut flowers.  Simply put your flowers in the stem, add water and you are done.  Always looks great!


Leaf Plates

These gorgeous plates were hand made using stoneware clay and assorted leaves freshly picked from the garden. It's a great size to use for serving tidbits or sushi.  Large ones are perfect as a serving dish.  Some of the plates use an artificial leaf and are just gorgeous.  (Only my opinion.)


Pedestal Bowl

Perfect piece to go on a table.  Full of your favorite objects.  Balls, fruit, and I am told cats love these.


Spoon Rest

These are vertical spoon rest.  Great space saver on the stove.  Sometimes I use mine when having tea.  A place for the bag and the spoon.


Wine Goblets

Each individually made by hand on a potters wheel in two separate pieces. Every mazer or mead drinker, or wine drinker needs one of these. It makes a perfect gift for any home brewer or craft beer enthusiast who enjoys a quality drinking experience.


French Butter Crocks

In traditional French butter crocks (also known as cloches), the butter is kept in the cup lid, and sealed from spoiling by resting in a shallow bit of water in the crock's base. The top is normal flat so it can be set down to serve.  To use pack room temperature butter into the lid. Put about 1/2" of clean water into the bottom and invert lid into the water. The water creates an air-tight seal that keeps the butter fresh and spreadable. Every few days change the water.


Shell Bowls

This truly is a unique bowl.  The form is extruded and hand formed stoneware.


Soup Bowl

These handmade pottery bowls are the perfect size for soup! They are X inches deep and X inches in diameter and hold approximately X oz of soup (or any food you choose). All are microwave and dishwasher safe and glazed.  So pretty! As with most handmade pottery, the glaze design on each bowl is slightly different making each one unique.  So pretty! As with most handmade pottery, the glaze design on each bowl is slightly different making each one unique.


Butter Dishes

Handbuilt butter dishes are food and dishwasher safe.  Just the perfect size for one stick of butter.  Butter last long because the ceramic keeps it cooler.


Garden Light

The perfect item for your outdoor patio table.  Add a tea light candle and enjoy the light show.


Phone Amp

The phone sits deep into this amp allowing for maximum amplification no matter where the speaker is located on your phone. A hole in the bottom allows for docking and charging while listening to your music.


Tea Pots

Functional pottery teapot for daily use. Ceramic teapot long retains the warmth of the drink.
Tea flows like a smooth stream.


Herb Puller

A beautiful and functional tool for stripping fresh herbs off their stems.


Berry Bowls

These beautiful berry bowls can be used to wash, store, and serve all of your fruit. It will easily hold a quart of your berries. The bowl can also be used as a small strainer/colander for pasta.


Whiskey Tumbler

Stoneware whiskey tumbler. Dishwasher safe.



The choice is yours.  Square or round.  All food and dishwasher safe.


Soap Pump

My soap pumps are hand thrown stoneware, and are great for lotion or soap, by your bathroom or kitchen sink.


Salt Pig

This little piggy is perfect for storing your salt! This hand thrown pottery salt pig makes it easy to use a pinch, or a spoonful while you cook or serve your meals.


Fermentation Crocks

These are custom made to order.  1-3 gallon in size.  Take about 3 months to make.  So order yours today.  


Wall Pockets

Wall Pockets are perfect for air plants or anything else you can put in it.


Yarn Bowls

These are great for anyone who crochets or knits! Don’t let your yarn tangle anymore



Hand thrown using stoneware clay and fired to 2232 degrees farenhite  makes these coffee mugs strong and durable. My signature is on the base.



Great for storage of any kind or just for decor
Perfect for coffee beans, tea, m&ms or whatever!


Large Bowls

A generous, large bowl, perfect for serving anything from salads or fruit to steamed vegetables. These bowls are individually hand crafted, thrown on a potter's wheel



Each piece is very unique because of the firing process.  These are all one of kind.  I do not recommend using these with wet food, because the finish is porous.



Handmade on a potter's wheel with a hand-pulled handle.


Oil Bottles

Alway have your favorite oil handy with an oil bottle



Most vases are thrown and shaped on a potter’s wheel. Each vase has a one of a kind glaze. Display this vase in any room of the house to add unique style to your decor.


Rice Bowls

Perfect size bowl for all your rice meals. Even has a place for your chopsticks. Food and dishwasher safe.



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